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City of Floods

The Fall of the Crow King

Memories are precious things. Morgan Bishop King has the wrong ones.


He has been the kingpin of Flood City for the better part of his life. He came to its streets as a stranger and took control of them through his ambition, cruelty, and brutal cunning. His dominion over the stormy, windswept Isle of Atlas is secure—the city bends to him, submitting to the terror of his unpredictable wrath, and there are few who dare cross him. 


Yet, this power comes with a price of its own. No amount of authority nor wealth can fill the emptiness in him—years ago, his heart was broken by the man he had loved, and what remains in him is no more than a silent void. He lives in contempt, as frigid as the icy waters that surround his home, and though he mourns, he mourns alone.


Everything changes, however, when the monotonous routine of his self-destructive days is disrupted by a peculiar stranger who claims that things are not as they seem. It is not long before King is calling into question everything he thinks he knows about both himself and the world around him—but, more distressing than that, is the stirring of a long-lost emotion deep within him. A spark catches, its ember slowly smouldering, and he fears it may burn him alive. It reminds him of forgotten possibilities, giving him hope, and there is little he can do to resist it. 


With the help of the man who threatens to capture his damaged heart, King must find a way of uncovering the truth before it is too late. He stands to lose everything—there is a war with a powerful enemy looming on the blood-red horizon, there are unrelenting adversaries who will stop at nothing to ensure his ultimate demise, he is falling dangerously closer to the abyss of love, and he is running out of time.


Forged in ancient realms and spread across the vast sands of time, City of Floods: The Fall of the Crow King is an exploration of friendship, morality, love, and betrayal. It is a story that captivates the imagination with deadly romance and dark fantasy, while navigating the treacherous waters of its villainous protagonist.

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